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The storage and distribution of food grade products comes with complexities of regulatory compliance and also must adhere to safety standards starting from raw materials all the way to the consumers. Trusting your products in the hands of another company can be a challenging process to overcome. If done incorrectly it can have a negative impact on your brand image. However, when left in the hands of experts it can significantly reduce cost, increase efficiency, and allows you to focus on your core business. How do you know which 3PL to trust with your products?  Fortunately, we are here to help. Our food grade experts came up with a list of criteria to consider before choosing a food grade warehousing provider.

Facility Auditing

Most food grade compatible warehouses perform self-auditing to make sure their facilities are up to code; these audits are typically performed by an expert operations team.  There are several regulations pertaining to the food industry and it’s important to pick a warehouse that is certified in the latest techniques and precautions. Another crucial point in picking a food grade facility is sanitation. Sanitation should be at the crux of every decision a company makes when selecting a food grade warehouse. At Taylor we practice lean warehousing and more specifically the practice of 5s which is a very specific and structured approach to getting our entire facility cleaned up, well organized and standardized. Furthermore, every process and procedure at Taylor is logged in the company’s SOPs (standard operating procedures). We also are equipped with an SQF (Safe Quality Food) team that ensures we are constantly exceeding industry standards. Other questions to ask pertaining to facility maintenance and auditing include: are pest control methods up-to-date and effective? What certifications does the company hold?


Choosing the right warehouse location can make all the difference in how effective, efficient, and profitable your company is.  The further your product is from its final destination can make a big difference in the life-cycle of the product, it can also increase risk, and potentially increase cost. Fortunately, we have a centrally located warehouses in Cincinnati, Ohio. Cincinnati is just 24 hours from 70% of the United States population making it an ideal spot to store your food grade products.

Warehouse Management System

Another important factor to consider is the company’s warehouse management system (WMS). An effective WMS is able to cater to your warehousing needs, it can increase transparency across the supply chain, and provide accurate data for improving business. At Taylor our WMS allows for full supply chain visibility, inventory control, and can be customized to whatever the customer’s needs are.

Supply Chain Management

When looking for a food grade warehouse, you should make sure that you are working with a provider that can handle all of your supply chain needs. A lot of warehousing facilities are one stop shops instead of having multiple service offerings. At Taylor we offer exceptional services including transportation, drayage, contract warehousing and much more.

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