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Taylor Increases Freight Broker Surety Bond to $250,000

Taylor Logistics the Nation’s most progressive family owned logistics company announced that they increased their freight broker surety bond through the Transportation Intermediaries Association from $100,000 to $250,000, further confirming its commitment to protecting the freight and transportation community against fraudulent behavior.

A few years ago the Highway Reauthorization deal, passed by the House and Senate, increased the minimum bond required of transportation broker companies to operate legally. Increasing the surety bond minimum to $75,000 from $10,000, the level at which it had been since the deregulation era.

Taylor increased its surety bond to $250,000,  qualifying for the classification of “TIA Performance Certified.” Less than 1% of third-party logistics companies, brokers, and forwarders are TIA Performance certified. This accomplishment allowed Taylor to display the 250,000 bond logo on all marketing materials such as the website, sales presentations, and social media.

TIA Bond 250,000 Taylor Logistics