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TLI & Transportation Technology

Throughout the logistics industry, there’s this notion of transforming typical supply chain practice into that of a technology company. In this day in age to stay on the cusp of the industry, it’s critical for your business to have exceptional systems to back your processes and more importantly, to provide data for your customers. From warehouse management systems, customer relationship management, accounting systems, to transportation management systems, implementing any one of these systems opens the door to new insights and advanced reporting capabilities. 

For our business, perhaps the most critical system is our transportation management system (TMS). The right application and collection of TMS data can help understand freight costs, empower shippers with the information necessary to achieve end-to-end visibility, and plan for changes in seasonal demand. Below are a few of the many advantages a TMS can provide for our customers and our customer’s customers. 

1. Enhanced supply chain analytics

2. Better forecasting for inventory management 

3.Increased warehouse efficiencies

4. Carrier selection based on transit times, shipping costs, etc.

5. Decreased data entry errors thus spending less time on correcting mistakes 

6. The ability to combine TMS and WMS for optimal supply chain visibility 

7. Improve efficiency and delivery speeds