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Have you ever had issues with port congestion or total transit time and cost issues for international freight? Taylor Logistics has a specific team that specializes in services with the New Jersey/New York Ports. They currently execute optimal mode design US Port-to-Door and Door-to-Port moves. With a variety of paired asset/mode choices that are designed to deliver speed, cost savings, visibility, and carbon and sustainability improvements. Taylor wins business by better optimizing the inland legs be it road, rail or some combination thereof. 

For several years Taylor executed moves involving 20, and 40-foot import containers of European wine for a particular client. The wine entered the US through the New York and New Jersey Ports on both dry and temperature-controlled containers. The primary paired mode service chosen in this scenario involves services from NJ/NY Ports, drayage to near-port crossdocking and then onto to over the road trailers at the ready to run inland to final destinations like Chicago, Cleveland, Cincinnati and beyond in just a day or two.

Taylor logistics Port Services

On the map above all of these marketplaces are within 1200 miles of the NJ/NY Ports creating smarter access to over half of the United States marketplace including Chicago, Memphis, Kansas City, Atlanta, Cleveland, Detroit and populations in over 33 states- the combinations are endless.

When final inland destinations are more than 250 miles from the Port it often is worth looking at crossdocking under this Port Dray to Road Truck model.

Bypassing the inland rail with it’s periodic, cyclical, seasonal or seemingly never-ending rail congestion can improve the total transit time by over a week. If you have the luxury of time, port drayage paired with inland Intermodal can generate excellent savings if you use the right US IMC.

Imports already on pallets work most economically, and floor loaded cargo can be palletized at the crossdock as well.

Taylor Logistics Transloading services

Creative mode pairings can include: 

-Dray direct to the destination (no crossdocking)-best utilized for inland destinations under 250 miles from Port.

-Dray to Road Truck (via port-near crossdock). Road trucks can be dry vans, reefers, flatbeds, and more.

-Dray to Domestic Intermodal Containers or ’20s and ’40s that are very economical need to go back west to reposition equipment cycling back into the TransPac and other regions.

-Dray to Cross dock to lower lesser-known modes such as Truckload with stop-off or Co-loading programs for consolidating LTL and Hot-Shots.

Why Look at Port-to-Door?

Smart US Purchasing and Supply Chain Managers should obtain line-item pricing when letting their Vendors or Ocean Freight forwarders set the total transportation price: overseas door-to-final US destination door. Then compare inserting our Port to door pricing and see if it makes sense to explore further our abilities and value generated. It is possible to capture gains in cost, speed and carbon all at the same time! In most cases we can do at least 2 of the 3.

* Taylor is not at this time an NVOCC or Customs Clearance house-we do have the very unique ability to drive cost, time and carbon out of domestic US portion of your NY/NJ imports or exports.


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