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Amazon Prep Services | FBA Requirements

Before any big race, you’ve got to prepare, right? From mile training, getting the perfect shoes, hydration, setting up a fire playlist, to resting preparation is critical! While we aren’t a team of runners (some of us do run the occasional marathon) ready to race, we’re a team of Amazon FBA prep experts. We are here to ensure your brand meets all FBA requirements before shipping to an Amazon fulfillment center. There’s a lot that goes into making sure your products, pallets, labeling, etc., are all up to Amazon standards. That’s why teaming up with a partner like Taylor that lives, breathes, and practices Amazon requirements so that your orders will be correct every time.

Taylor’d Prep Services

Labeling (FNSKU, expiration, etc.)

Bundling single items into Amazon “sold as set” multipacks

Literature inserts

Drop testing requirements 

Time studies 

Branded packaging and corrugated cardboard

Kitting & packaging

Quality control

Poly bagging & boxing

Fragile preparation

Questions on Amazon Prep? Talk with Taylor!