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Numerous industries rely on warehousing for long-term storage. However, different items require different conditions to preserve integrity and quality. Therefore, when choosing a storage facility, you should consider your company’s and inventory’s specific needs. One option is ambient storage. You can use an ambient warehouse to store a wide range of goods, making this option viable for many businesses.

What Does Ambient Storage Mean?

Ambient storage warehouses are defined as “buildings that are specifically designed for items that require a dry environment, where the temperature needs to be around room temperature.” However, this isn’t to say that these ambient storage warehouses don’t require industrial HVAC. Instead, it means that the internal area of the warehouse needs to be around 60 degrees all year. With this in mind, many ambient warehouse owners install temperature control forms to ensure the internal air stays dry and moisture-free.

Types of Products That Need Ambient Storage

Compared to shipping frozen items, items kept in ambient storage warehouses are far easier to ship. For products that can quickly melt at high temperatures or products that can be ruined from cold temperatures, ambient storage is an effective way to keep goods from going bad.

Some everyday products stored in ambient warehouses are:

Several CPG products

Food & beverage 

  • canned and bottled foods 
  • finished shelf-stable goods 


  • spices
  • oils 
  • flours
  • sugars

Packaging & paper products 





Handling Ambient Product 

When installing an ambient warehouse, you must think about what you are storing and how the items are handled. For example, if you are storing many items, you will want a tall storage building where you can install high racking, utilizing the air space. However, with taller racking, you will require a method to get the items onto the higher shelves, such as a traditional counterbalance forklift. With this in mind, your ambient warehouse will need floor space for the warehouse equipment handling vehicle to move. There are alternative forklifts for tighter warehouses, such as articulated forklifts, but more specialized equipment tends to cost more. 

Cross Docking 

While warehouses are traditionally used for storage, opting to use cross-docking in your operation will offer a competitive edge. This is where items are transported to your warehouse and either loaded onto another trailer for immediate transport or stored for a brief period. With this in mind, it is always best to have space in your warehouse for such operations, especially in ambient warehousing, as this is a practice being used more often. 

Quality Control

All ambient warehouses require quality control. Ensuring quality control is completed in warehouses that store perishable goods are imperative. Regular audits should be completed to ensure that items are being stored in the best possible conditions.

Choose an Ambient Warehousing Partner 

Taylor has several ambient warehouses in the Cincinnati area ready to handle your products. Contact our expert team to secure your space today. 

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