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Cycle Counting Drones

At Taylor, we are always looking for innovative solutions to enhance automation, increase efficiency, and ensure accuracy for our customers. Maintaining precise inventory levels and optimizing space utilization are critical in today’s competitive logistics landscape. According to the WERC 2023 DC Measures Annual Survey & Report, the average warehouse meets shipping deadlines 96% of the time and uses just 81% of its cube utilization.

Manually cycle counting cases involves climbing material handling equipment and restacking pallets, making it hard to maintain accurate inventory and timely shipments. Taylor has implemented Gather AI’s cycle counting drones to address these challenges and better serve our customers.

Implementing Groundbreaking Capabilities

Inferred Case Count Benefits:

• Verifies cases on full and partial pallets

• Saves labor and improves on-time fulfillment

• Refocuses labor on discrepancies in the WMS

How it works:

AI estimates the maximum number of layers on a pallet and combines this with Ti data from the WMS to infer case numbers, which are displayed on a web dashboard.

Location Occupancy Benefits:

• Optimizes facility utilization

• Consolidates pallets to maximize space

• Improves cube utilization

How it works:

AI estimates the percent occupancy of a pallet location, with data collected during drone missions at up to 900 locations per hour.

Transforming Operational Efficiency

Inferred Case Count: This method reduces manual counting by up to 90%, prevents stockouts, and identifies replenishment needs by comparing AI-generated counts with WMS data.

Location Occupancy: Maximizes space utilization and provides proactive replenishment alerts by identifying partially occupied locations.

Significant Efficiency Gains

As a leading 3PL, some customers require us to count cases as part of our cycle counting program. “Using Gather AI’s drone inventory monitoring and inferred case count feature is 87% more efficient than having our team do physical cycle counting,” reports AJ Raaker, our Director Of Warehouse Development. This efficiency gain allows us to focus on higher-value, revenue-generating activities.

At Taylor, we believe in embracing technology to drive operational excellence and sustainability. The successful implementation of cycle counting drones from Gather AI is a testament to our forward-thinking approach and dedication to continuous improvement. We are proud to lead the way in leveraging innovative solutions that benefit our clients, employees, and the environment.

For more information on our sustainability initiatives and technological advancements, visit our sustainability page

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