Taylor’s contract warehousing offers fully customizable solutions, providing dedicated storage tailored to clients’ exact specifications. With a commitment to reliability and flexibility, Taylor ensures peace of mind for businesses entrusting their warehousing needs to their care.

Custom Dedicated Client Warehouse

Customized Solutions

We pride ourselves on offering fully customizable solutions to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Whether you require us to take over an existing facility and staff it entirely or need assistance in sourcing a suitable building, we have the flexibility and expertise to accommodate your requirements. Our team works closely with you to understand your unique business needs, challenges, and objectives, crafting a tailored approach that aligns with your goals and maximizes efficiency. With our commitment to customization, you can trust us to deliver solutions that perfectly fit your operational requirements and drive success

Team Taylor Warehouse Team

Your Trusted Team - Staffing

We understand that the success of your facility hinges on the quality of its workforce. That’s why we take the hassle out of staffing by providing highly skilled personnel who are meticulously trained to uphold our commitment to operational excellence. Our dedicated team is equipped with the expertise and professionalism needed to effectively manage every aspect of your logistics operations, ensuring smooth and efficient performance at all times.

Quick WMS Implementation with SynapseWMS

WMS Implementation: Real-Time Visibility

Our team swiftly integrates Warehouse Management Systems to enhance operational efficiency. Leveraging Synapse, a leading product by Made4Net, we provide real-time visibility into inventory levels, order fulfillment status, and more. With our in-house outstanding support team, we can get a warehouse up and running in just a couple of weeks. Our dedicated team ensures a seamless implementation process, allowing you to optimize your warehouse operations and meet your business objectives without delay.

Warehouse Automation Taylor Logistics Inc

Material Handling & Automation

We’re committed to providing the right material handling and automation solutions for your dedicated facility. Whatever equipment you need to run your operation to your standards, we’ll source it and provide thorough training. With Taylor Logistics, you can trust that your material handling needs are met efficiently and effectively.

SQF and FDA Certification food safety cert warehouse

Food Grade Operations Implementation

We prioritize food safety for clients handling food products, offering specialized training and support to meet stringent standards like Safe Quality Food (SQF). Our team provides thorough food safety training and guidance to ensure adherence to best practices and regulatory requirements. For clients seeking SQF certification, we offer expert assistance in preparing their facilities, from implementing proper storage protocols to establishing rigorous sanitation procedures. Tailoring our solutions to meet specific needs, we work closely with clients to create a safe and compliant environment for food handling. Whether you’re a food manufacturer, distributor, or retailer, trust Taylor as your partner for achieving and maintaining the highest standards of food safety and SQF compliance. Contact us today to learn more about our comprehensive food safety solutions.

HMM Supply Chain

Maximizing Your Profitability

In today’s competitive landscape, optimizing margins is paramount for sustainable growth and success. At Taylor, we offer strategic guidance and support in implementing holistic margin management strategies designed to maximize profitability. From cost optimization and inventory control to demand forecasting and strategic planning, our comprehensive approach ensures that every aspect of your business is aligned to achieve your financial goals. With Taylor as your partner, you can navigate market challenges with confidence and drive long-term profitability.

Warehouse Facility Design

Facility Design Services

In our facility design services, we specialize in crafting efficient layouts for warehouses and fulfillment centers. We meticulously plan rack and bin locations, dock doors, electrical setups, MHE space, temperature control, office areas, and overall space allocation. Our designs prioritize operational efficiency and scalability, ensuring each client’s unique needs are met with precision.

Warehouse Gantt Chart

Transition Plan and Timelines

Taylor’s transition plan and timeline includes a detailed Gantt chart, providing a visual roadmap for the setup and seamless transition of operations. We meticulously coordinate inventory moves, hiring, training, and other necessary activities, ensuring alignment with the Gantt chart milestones. Our strategic approach minimizes disruptions and ensures a skilled workforce is ready at each stage of the transition. With Taylor’s expertise and the guidance of the Gantt chart, clients can confidently navigate the transition period, achieving operational efficiency from the outset.

Full Service 3PL

One-Stop 3PL Partner

At Taylor, we go beyond traditional warehousing and fulfillment—we’re your full-service 3PL partner, capable of managing every aspect of your supply chain. From freight services to value-added offerings like kitting, we provide seamless integration and expert support across all facets of logistics. With our cohesive approach, you benefit from streamlined operations and enhanced efficiency, knowing that your entire supply chain is managed by one dedicated team. Trust Taylor as your trusted partner for end-to-end solutions, and experience the difference of having a single point of contact for all your logistics needs.

Retail Display Solutions: Enhancing Brand Visibility

Value-Added Services

From retail display building and seasonal campaigns to kitting, packaging, and eCommerce support, we provide comprehensive solutions to meet your unique business needs. Our expertise in creating captivating retail displays and executing effective seasonal campaigns ensures maximum impact for your products. Additionally, our kitting and packaging services streamline assembly processes and ensure safe delivery to your customers. With our eCommerce support, we help you navigate the complexities of online retail, managing inventory, order fulfillment, and customer service. Partner with Taylor and experience the difference of having a dedicated team committed to enhancing your operations and driving success in every aspect of your business.

Sustainable Supply Chain Partner

Sustainability Partnership

Through transparent reporting and customized solutions, we help minimize your carbon footprint and promote eco-friendly practices across your supply chain. From waste reduction to optimizing transportation routes and implementing energy-efficient measures, we prioritize environmental responsibility at every turn. Our commitment to transparency ensures that you have access to clear reporting on environmental metrics, empowering you to track progress and make informed decisions. Together, we can create a greener future, demonstrating your dedication to sustainability to stakeholders and consumers alike. Choose Taylor as your sustainability partner and embark on a journey towards environmental stewardship and positive change.



Partnering with Taylor is a strategic choice driven by our commitment to meticulously care for your valuable inventory. Recognizing the significance of your business goals, we stand ready to surpass expectations and emerge as your dedicated supply chain partner, ensuring seamless operations and unparalleled support.

Supply Chain Sustainability Taylor Logistics Inc

Sustainability Driven

We are sustainability-driven, adhering to strict supplier codes of conduct and employing continuous metrics and reporting to ensure eco-friendly operations. For some of our customers, we provide detailed sustainability reporting, reinforcing our commitment to environmental stewardship. As temporary custodians of the planet, we prioritize sustainable practices in every aspect of our business.

Team Taylor

Extension of Your Team

We act as an extension of your team, deeply understanding your business goals through regular reviews like QBRs and KPI evaluations. With our collaborative approach, we ensure alignment with your objectives and are dedicated to supporting your success every step of the way. We are here for your business goals.

Taylor Logistics Technology

Leading-Edge Technology

At Taylor, we pride ourselves on our leading-edge technology, offering everything from advanced automation to precise, detailed reporting. Our in-house WMS superuser team ensures seamless operations, while our cycle-counting drones enhance inventory accuracy for warehouse customers. For our freight clients, we provide top track-and-trace capabilities, ensuring complete visibility and control.

Taylor Logistics Since 1850

Expertise - 170+ Years in Business

With a rich history dating back to 1850, we bring unparalleled expertise to the table. Having been in business for over a century and a half, we’ve seen and navigated countless industry changes, making us seasoned experts in logistics and supply chain solutions. Our extensive experience ensures that we bring innovative, effective solutions to handle any challenge your business may face.

North America Warehouse

Excellent Locations

Our strategically positioned warehouses in Cincinnati, Omaha, and Eastern Pennsylvania place us in prime markets for efficiently reaching consumers across the U.S. If these locations don’t perfectly align with your needs, we offer customizable services tailored to any location throughout North America, ensuring optimal integration into your supply chain.

Full Service 3PL

Full Service

We are a full-service 3PL provider that has extensively adapted our business to meet the evolving needs of our customers, offering comprehensive solutions that handle every aspect of your supply chain, from warehouse design and optimization to the management of dedicated fleets, ensuring efficiency and flexibility at every stage. 



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