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Contract Warehousing

Order Fulfillment

From building pallets ready for truck shipping to rush orders on small packages through UPS.

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Congrats on the success! You guys rocked it for us this year and we’re blessed to have you as part of the family. It’s only uphill from here!

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Packaging Services

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"We Focus on Reducing Cost and Increasing Service Throughout the DC Network for Our Business Partners"

We offer contract warehousing solutions that are ideal for companies seeking long-term supply chain solutions at dedicated facilities. Because we offer a wide range of services , we are able to deliver on any of your warehousing, packaging, eCommerce, technology, distribution and logistics needs. Our expertise in handling supply chain functions results in significantly lower costs and allows your company to shift your resources to more value driven opportunities.
Increased Efficiency

Use our expertise to perform more economically, safely, and efficiently.

Reduced Capital Investment

Reduce your investment in facilities and equipment for greater flexibility.

Eliminate Risk

Less commitment needed overall makes contract warehousing less risky. This allows any sized business to avoid risks associated with the long-term investment of a warehouse operation.

Team Devoted To Your Logistics

Utilize our logistics personnel to provide high quality transportation and warehousing services.


In real-time on your desktop or mobile device; WMS, barcoding, inventory management, EDI.


Contract warehousing allows scalability so you can use only what you need. This flexibility is especially important if your needs change over time, such as seasonal changes and expanding your business portfolio i.e. eCommerce.

Food Fulfillment

Our SQF-certified warehouse is the perfect place to store your food product while you’re waiting for orders to come in. When you make a sale, it’s already here and we’re ready to ship it for you.

Kitting Services

Kitting refers to the process in which two or more related goods are grouped and packaged together to create a new SKU ready to be shipped. Our kitting services allow you to decrease inventory space by kitting to stock or kitting on demand. We build thousands of kits daily for retail distribution and e-commerce fulfillment.

Packaging Services

Our contract packaging solutions can be as simple as replacing an outdated or incorrect label, or as involved as specialized pallet displays for brick and mortar retailers.

Pick & Pack Services

Picking and packing single items into multi-pack cartons is far from a simple feat. There are many elements to consider: knowing the required box size and most appropriate packing materials and documentation, ensuring that accurate shipping labels are generated and affixed, and ensuring that products get to the customer.

Contract Warehousing Services

We have adjusted our business to offer many services, to add value to your products and help meet and exceed your sales and logistics goals. Some of these value added services include:
  • Document Imaging Online

  • Returns & Inspections

  • Distribution to Amazon

  • Crossdocking

  • Digital Surveillance

  • Bagging

  • Online Shipment & Appointments

  • Light Assembly

  • Extensive EDI

  • Dump & Destroy

  • Repacking/Labeling

  • Display Building

  • WMS-Zethcon

  • RF

  • Transload Operations


  • Postponement / MIT

  • Stretch Wrapping

  • SQF Level 3

  • Kitting

Case Study

A pet food company was looking for a 3PL to work strategically with their on-site logistics team to improve the overall performance of their fulfillment centers.

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