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eCommerce Fulfillment



One of the most significant benefits of allowing us to manage your e-commerce order fulfillment is the flexibility it will enable your company. Small businesses, in particular, can depend on Taylor’s expertise while they focus on other aspects of growing their business.

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Do What You Do Best

You need a fulfillment center that provides all the services you need now and when your business scales. Taylor offers a complete suite of services to meet your B2B and B2C fulfillment needs — from receipt of your inventory to delighting your customer with their order; delivered correctly and on time
Pick & Pack Services

To reduce the cost of e-commerce fulfillment, the pick and pack processes need to be as streamlined as possible. For a leading dog food producer, Taylor installed conveyorized pack and ship lines to meet the demand of e-commerce orders, speed processing, and control labor costs.


Kitting refers to the process in which two or more related goods are grouped and packaged together to create a new SKU. Our kitting services allow you to decrease inventory space by kitting to stock or kitting on demand. We build thousands of kits daily for eCommerce fulfillment.

Promotional Fulfillment

Short-term, seasonal, or ongoing, your B2C promotional items are in good hands with our team. We will work with you on every detail to ensure a smooth process is developed from receipt of materials to delivery to your customer.

Dedicated Team

When you partner with Taylor, you gain access to our expertly trained team members. The warehouse management superuser teams will give you inventory insight and our in-store design team to help make your packaging and kitting operations come to life.

Fulfillment and Packaging Services

We have adjusted our business to offer many services, to add value to your products and help meet and exceed your sales and logistics goals. Some of these value added services include:
  • eCommerce Integrations

  • Re-work / Re-pack / Re-coup

  • Display design, manufacture, and assembly

  • Custom pallets

  • Promotional displays

  • Subscription boxes

  • Clamshell/Blister pack/Folding box

  • Inserts

  • Point-of-Sale Operations

  • Kitting

  • Quality Inspections

  • Labeling

  • Shrink wrapping

  • Heat sealing & wrapping

Location, Location, Location!
Taylor's location in Cincinnati, Ohio, is one of the prime locations for logistics and distribution in the United States. The strategic placement of our warehouses and fulfillment center allows us access to large and rapidly-growing consumer and customer bases. The proximity of the many interstates and expressways branching from the city of Cincinnati is incredibly advantageous for moving both national and international freight. 70% of the US population is less than 24 hours' drive. 
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