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It Started In 1850 With A Horse &  Wagon

170 years ago, my great great great grandfather John Rex Taylor III traveled from Bath, England with his family to the bustling river town of Cincinnati, OH. With a horse and a carriage, John and his son Edward started the “Taylor Drayage Company,” taking paper supplies from the steamships to a book factory and then the finished product back to the steamship. Essentially the original Amazon. During this  age, my great-great grandfather led Taylor through disruptive technological advances, economic turmoil, and strict government regulations.


Then came the change to motor trucks, bringing the decline of the Miami and Erie Canal canal—an essential route to the Taylor Drayage Company—and the rise of the rails, spurring two critical events: a move closer to the Cincinnati railroads and a change of the name to the “Taylor Trucking Company”. John Rex Taylor III’s legacy has taught our business that, effectiveness trumps efficiency. No amount of efficiency in horse-drawn wagons would have allowed us to stay in business.


There’s a whole lot more to the story, let me tell you. One hundred seventy years, seven generations, we could be here for weeks. All in all, it’s all thanks to my great great great grandfather. Taylor now has two public warehouses in Cincinnati, an entire brokerage team just across the river in Northern Kentucky, three contract warehousing solutions, including one in Omaha, Nebraska. Not to mention the greatest team in the entire world #TeamTaylor.


– Noelle Taylor 7th Gen.
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Drew Taylor

President of Taylor | Sixth generation

School: Indiana University Alumnus (following his older brother)

Family Fact: Father to Grant & Noelle 

Fun Fact: Drew reads at least a book a week; if he’s not distracted by his dog Camper, he might read more than that. Loves a Guy Raz podcast. 

Taylor Fact: Drew has overseen Taylor’s warehouse division for over 35 years. He knows the ins and outs of packaging, the storage, and distribution of food and beverage products. He has partnered with several large corporations throughout his career.

Member of: IWLA, Goering Center
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Grant Taylor

VP Warehousing | Seventh Generation

School: THE Ohio State Alumnus

Family Fact: Drew’s Son & Noelle’s Older Brother

Fun Fact: From running marathons and half marathons to joining the Greater Cincinnati Big Brothers Big Sisters of America. His outlook calendar is continuously full. Not to mention he’s always putting out a fire Spotify playlist.

Taylor Fact: Grant is the go-to guy. He champions every single project that happens within the walls of Taylor. From implementing eCommerce fulfillment into Taylor’s service portfolio to creating a WMS superuser team, if you have a question regarding anything even close to related to fulfillment, analytics, supply chain management. He’s your guy.

Member of: IWLA, CSCMP, WERC
Noelle Taylor

Director of Marketing | Seventh Generation

School: Ohio University Alumna

Family Fact: Drew’s Daughter, Grant’s little sister

Fun Fact: Noelle quotes the Office or Schitt’s Creek way too often. When she’s not butchering lines from her favorite shows, she’s listening to Heather McMahan’s podcast Absolutely Not. Helping out on the American Logistics Aid Network communications team. You can also find her chatting with different companies and brands on @taylorlogistics Instagram (FOLLOW US).

Taylor Fact: Noelle built up Taylor’s marketing program and strategy from inbound to digital; she’s the person behind not only this site but all the content within it. 

Member: IWLA, Foodboro., ALAN Coms Team, CSCMP
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