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We Are Your Green Supply Chain Management Provider
Reducing Our Emissions
As temporary custodians of our planet, we have an obligation to make sure that future generations will enjoy the benefits our earth provides. We believe in making a positive impact on the environment by implementing new technologies and reducing our emissions. We are a SmartWay carrier on our asset side and a SmartWay partner on our non-asset side. To us, sustainability means intermodal transportation. By embracing intermodalism, we lower our fuel costs and ultimately our carbon footprint, making us environmentally and economically viable. 
Money & Time Saving

But sustainability means more than just mindful environmental housekeeping. It also means the use of new technologies, processes, and values that allow us to continuously improve and remain innovative and collaborative in an ever-changing market.
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Reducing  Fuel Consumption

Taylor has been SmartWay® transportation partner for several years; our team reduces fossil fuel consumption and carbon emissions by:
  1. Employing electronic logs instead of paper to record driver activities.
  2. Applying advanced transportation software tools to drive route optimization, fuel conservation and engine efficiency.
  3. Adjusting the speed governors on our trucks to a maximum 62 miles per hour, for greater fuel efficiency and reduced emissions.
  4. Training and monitoring our drivers to reduce the time their trucks spend idling, while also using cab heaters and idle-control technologies to ensure we meet government “smart idle” standards.
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A pet food company was looking for a 3PL to work strategically with their on-site logistics team to improve the overall performance of their fulfillment centers.

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