Discover Taylor’s Value-Added Services for comprehensive support in retail displays, kitting, eCommerce, seasonal projects, and seamless transloading solutions.

Retail Display Building

Retail Display Building

While we partner with expert vendors who can assist with the design of retail displays, Taylor Logistics specializes in building full-pallet, quarter-pallet, and half-pallet displays for retailers across North America. Our focus is on creating robust, eye-catching displays that enhance product visibility and drive sales.

Packaging & Kitting

Packaging and Kitting

We provide customized packaging solutions that protect your products and enhance their presentation. Our kitting services streamline the assembly process, ensuring that your products are ready for market quickly and efficiently.

Seasonal Project 3PL

Seasonal Campaigns

We help retailers manage seasonal demand with tailored solutions for peak periods. Our services include strategic planning, inventory management, and expedited shipping options to ensure your products are delivered on time, every time.

Custom Labeling

Custom Labeling and Branding

We offer custom labeling and branding services to enhance your product’s market appeal. Whether you need specialized labels, branded packaging, or promotional materials, our team ensures that your products reflect your brand’s identity and meet industry standards.

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Quality Control and Inspection

Maintaining high standards is crucial for your brand’s reputation. Our quality control and inspection services ensure that your products meet the required specifications before they reach your customers. We conduct thorough inspections and testing to guarantee the quality and safety of your products.

Assembly Services

Assembly and Installation

For products that require assembly or installation, we offer comprehensive services to ensure they are ready for use upon arrival. Our skilled team handles everything from assembly to final installation, providing a hassle-free experience for your customers.

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