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Since 1850

Taylor Logistics Inc. (TLI) is an asset based Third Party Logistics Provider which handles all modes of transportation for world class companies.
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Years in business
A 3PL is an organization that supplies logistics activities across the supply chain, such as customer response, inventory management, procurement, transportation management, and warehousing services. Taylor Logistics acts as a Third Party facilitator between the seller or manufacturer (the “first party”) and the carrier (the “second party”).

Taylor Logistics is affiliated with Taylor Distributing and Taylor Warehouse of Cincinnati, Ohio which has been in business since 1850 and is certainly one of the oldest logistics firms in America. We are proud members of the TIA-Transportation Intermediaries Association, the premier professional and educational organization of the $100 billion dollar logistics industry. As a condition of membership, all TIA Members are required to abide by a strict, national Code of Ethics.

Our experience and broad knowledge of the logistics industry has lead us to the world of Third Party Freight Brokerage. Since it’s inception, Taylor Logistics has handled transportation services for its current customers, giving them a “one stop shop” for their logistics needs, as well as new customers who have had a “hot load” they simply could not cover.

Our Locations

Cincinnati, OH
9756 International Blvd
Cincinnati, OH 45246 

Phone: 513-771-1850
Newport, KY
300 Dave Cowens Dr
Newport, KY 41071

Phone: 800-486-0636
Monroe, OH
1201 Logistics Way
Monroe, OH 45044

Phone: 513-539-7965
Bellevue, NE
10601 S 15th St 
Bellevue, NE 68123

Phone: 402-991-2583 

Monroe, OH
675 Gateway Blvd 
Monroe, OH 45050 

Phone: 513-771-1850
Our Story

From its founding in 1850 to today, the Taylor companies have represented a steadfast, adaptive, and continuously improving business.

Our Values

Our core value's safety, ethics, teamwork, and relationship's provide us with a strong foundation to deliver excellent customer satisfaction.

Our Culture

Our identity is more than image; it comes from our culture, which unifies, guides, and inspires loyalty. Identity provides a sense of purpose.